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Achieving Optimum Well-Being at Any Age free ebooks

Lifelong Health: Achieving Optimum Well-Being at Any Age

Description of the pdf free download ebook:
In reality, the key to achieving a long and healthy life lies in having a solid foundation of healthy living habits. A thorough knowledge of personal wellness—as well as the tools, tips, and insights that come from such knowledge

In Lifelong Health, Dr. Goodman speaks with a conviction and authority backed by his decades of experience in medicine, both as a practitioner and as a professor. Every one of his lectures is backed by scientific information and proven results. More important, they’re flavored with common sense tips, in-studio demonstrations, helpful advice, and inspirational stories that make lifelong health an appealing and achievable goal.
Course Lecture Titles

1. A Personal Path to Lifelong Health
2. The Cellular Biology of Aging
3. The Physiology of Aging
4. Myths of Aging—Magical Times and Places
5. Myths of Aging—Magical Substances
6. Optimizing Health—Tests and Procedures
7. Optimizing Health—Prevention
8. How We Look—Surgery and Skin-Care
9. The End of the Journey—Death and Dying
10. Health Advances on the Horizon
11. Nutrition—Choices for a Healthy Life
12. The Physiology of Nutrition
13. The Role of Vitamins
14. The Role of Supplements
15. Whole Foods for Optimum Health
16. The Good Fats
17. Sugar, Salt, Allergies, and Additives
18. The Physiology of Weight Management
19. Healthful Eating versus Fad Diets
20. Movement and Recreation—a.k.a. Exercise
21. The Physiology of Muscle
22. Resistance Training and Weight Training
23. Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise
24. Exercise in Dealing with Injury and Disease
25. Joy in Movement—Sports and Exercise Options
26. Martial Arts and Yoga
27. Mental Health and Stress Reduction
28. Brain Physiology, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia
29. Maintaining Your Mental Edge
30. Focus on Women’s Health
31. Focus on Menopause
32. Focus on Men’s Health
33. Focus on Children’s and Adolescents’ Health
34. Healthy Choices in Your Daily Life
35. Becoming an Educated Patient
36. Here’s to Your Healthy Life!

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