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Women’s Health South Africa free ebooks

Health Psychology

Women’s Health South Africa

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The book’s greatest appeal, however, is its focus on the major ideas in health psychology. The reader is not bombarded with subtleties of dozens of studies; rather the broader theories are emphasized. Whether you come to health psychology with a background in social, clinical, physiological, or other specialization, you will find this to be a compelling book

The book now seems suited not only to health psychology students but also for those in allied professions such as physiotherapists, nurses, dieticians, physicians and medical students.” Ad A. Kaptein, Professor of Medical Psychology, Leiden University Medical Centre, the Netherlands “This thought-provoking book is in tune with students’ questions about health psychology and places the student at the centre of knowledge dissemination.” Dr Catherine Sykes, Team Leader in Health Psychology, City University, London “Jane Ogden manages to write in an uncomplicated manner but without doing injustice to the complexities of the theories and research being described. She provides good historical and societal contexts for the different strands of research, so students can appreciate the relevance of Health Psychology in and for the real world.” Roger Ingham, Professor of Health and Community Psychology, University of Southampton “Jane Ogden’s Health Psychology is an impressive introduction to the field. The book is suitable for students of all backgrounds wishing to gain a comprehensive introduction to the exciting field of health psychology. The chapters are clearly organized and integrate the latest international research findings into an easy to read and well illustrated textbook.” Keith J Petrie, Professor of Health Psychology, Department of Psychological Medicine, University of Auckland Thoroughly revised to reflect recent research, theory and practice in health psychology, this market bestseller includes new coverage of topical issues such as behaviour change strategies, health inequalities, exercise dependence, caffeine use and men’s health. Now organized into five sections, the book follows a health-illness continuum model, covering theory and research relating to the context of health, health beliefs and behaviours, becoming ill and being ill with the final section describing how students can learn to think more critically about all aspects of health psychology.


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